Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Poem...

If you choose to tell her,
If she wants to know,
How the one who gave her life
Could bear to let her go.
Just tell her there were sleepless nights
I prayed and paced the floors,
And knew the only peace I'd find,
Was if this child was yours.
And maybe, you could tell your baby,
When u love her so,
how she's been loved before
By someone, who delivered her from,
God's arms, to my arms, to yours.

This may not be the answer,
For another girl like me.
But I'm not on a soapbox,
Saying how we all should be.
I'm just trusting in my feelings,
And I'm trusting God above,
And I'm trusting you can give this baby
Both her mother's love.

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