Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet the Harmans...

Daniel and Dani Harman are the most recent couple that we have had to match! They are such a great couple. They have actually known my husband for many, many years. I had the pleasure of meeting them for the 1st time this past spring. They had just moved back to the U.S. after living overseas for over 8 years. They are missionaries! They came home, and within a week had bought a house, a car and set-up a consult appointment with us to discuss adoption. They have always wanted 4 children, they have 2 biological children, and have suffered heart-ache with the loss of 2 babies through ectopic pregnancies in the past year or two. The second ectopic pregnancy almost took her life. It was very scary, and that is when they made the decision that adoption would be the best way to build their family. So, they came to our home and we discussed adoption over dinner. We had such a great time discussing the possibilities in the near future. They decided that they would continue to pray about adoption, and about our services.

Several months later, after they had settled into their new home, and a new routine, they called us to start the adoption process. Boy, were they quick too! When they make a decision they don't play around! I LOVE THAT ABOUT THEM!!!! It was great! She called me on a Monday I believe, and by Tuesday she already had the 1st home study appointment scheduled, all the paperwork done for me and for the home study agency! I was impressed. So, I immediately got their profile going, and within in 3 days had it finished and ready for proofing. Within 1 day of having the profile completed, I presented the Harmans with 3 situations that fit their criteria perfectly.

They were pretty open, race was not an issue, gender was not an issue, and really drugs and alcohol were case by case!!! So, we presented. We presented in order of their preference, not simultaneously. So the first presentation, took several days to find out what was going on, but in the end, the birth father had talked her into parenting! They were sad, but obviously that was not the baby that God had planned for them. So we trucked on. The next BM, really never decided, so we along with the agency decided to go ahead an present to the 3rd BM, instead of waiting around!! By this time, the Harmans, are a little discouraged, they didn't tell me so, but I could hear it their voices. So, somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd BM, another agency called and told me about a BM that had just had her baby in Missouri, it was an AA baby girl, and the agency would be picking the family. So, the agency talked to the Harmans and assuming the Harmans could get the money together in 24 hours, they would go pick up this sweet baby. Well, the agency decided they couldn't wait, they had another family that had their funds ready to go, and they were also a perfect match! They were devestated. Again, this obviously wasn't their baby. (Note...the agency called me 2 days later, to inform me that the BM had changed her mind, and that she did not place, BOY IS GOD SO GOOD!!! What heart-ache he saved them from.) So, they presented to the 3rd birth mom. GUESS WHAT???? They MATCHED!!! She loved them! We were ecstatic. The agency set up a BM conference call for the next night, and that would be it. Well, the next night came, and the agency called me to inform me that they were canceling the call. The BM started saying things that made it seem like she was changing her mind, so the agency pulled the plug on the call. We were so bummed, but both the Harmans and I appreciated the fact that the agency was looking out for them. They could have kept the call, accepted the match, and the Harmans would've had to pay their match fee and be locked into this particular agency! Instead they called and said, you guys move forward with other presentations. If she delivers and places this baby we will give the Harmans the chance to adopt this precious baby. We just can't be sure that she is definitely going to place, we are very concerned, and we don't want to see the Harmans hurt. PRAISE THE LORD for an agency who did the right thing! Thank you Lord for looking out for the Harmans!!!

So, we moved forward. We presented on another situation within 2 days. It was also an AA baby boy. After 2 days, we were called by the agency, they were not picked. She actually didn't pick anyone. She wanted to wait for a family with no other children! The agency did have another situation. The BM was in the office right then, and she would be delivering in 2 days. Again, it was a great situation, an AA boy, no drugs, no alcohol, mom and dad would sign, no mental illness, everything was great. So, I called the Harmans, told them they didn't match with the 1st one, but that there was another situation. I told her this baby would be born in 2 days. She said, let me talk to Daniel and I will call you back.

A very deflated Dani called me back to tell me that there was no way that they could come up with the $10k that they were lacking. I tried to encourage her that everything was okay, and that there were still plenty of babies we could present on, NO BIG DEAL!! Knowing full well, that is so easy for me to say, but they were ready for THEIR baby! They were discouraged!

So, the next day was a crazy day for FAC. I had several conference calls with potential clients; I was trying to finish up paperwork on another client that had just matched, run errands, print profiles, etc. So, my phone was ringing off the hook. Somewhere in the middle of my crazy day the agency that told me about the baby about to be born, called me. She left me a message, and asked that I call her back ASAP!! SO, I did. She said that if the Harmans were interested in this baby, they would float them the money until the end of the month. I was so excited, if you know the adoption world, you know agencies don't do this!! They don't do financing! God was up to something! So, I called the Harmans. Daniel answered and handed the phone to Dani. She said we were just talking about you, we were praying about whether or not to call you about that baby that is due tomorrow. Excitedly, I informed her that the agency would float her the money, she said "YES". As the conversation continued she informed that her mom had called 5 minutes before me and informed her that the IRS check, in the amount that they needed, had just arrived in the mail. WOW!!! IS GOD GOOD OR WHAT? Tell me that is coincidence. NO, it isn't! That is God's divine plan! So, now the only obstacle was for them to get picked by the BM. At this point it is 3:30 EST. And that baby is due the next day. So, I give the agency the go ahead to present. Well, the BM didn't see the profiles until 9pm EST. It was gonna be a late night. She had 3 to choose from; she narrowed it down to 2 couples. The Harman’s and one other couple. She wanted a conference call! So, at 11:30ish pm that talked to the BM. Dani called me right when it was over, and said it only lasted 5 minutes. I was shocked it was so short, but 1 hour later, the agency called to tell Daniel and Dani to book a flight, they were going to Utah!!! They would be flying out the next day to pick up their baby! God is so GOOD!!!

They held their baby within 6 weeks of signing our contract. God is Great!!! Their adoption journey was not without disappointment, but I am pretty sure they forgot all that the minute they held their precious baby, John Mark Harman!!!

John Mark Harman
Born October 14th at 11:57 am
5 pounds, 8 ounces and 18 inches of pure joy

Thank you, Lord for the Harmans. Thank you for their precious new baby! Lord, thank you for showing us your sovereignty, and how God, you still perform miracles. Thank you for adopting us, Lord!! Thank you for the most perfect picture of adoption, when you adopt a new Christian into your family! We give you all the glory, and Praise you for each adoption! IN YOUR HOLY NAME, AMEN!!!!

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