Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Happy Beginning...

Dear Courtney (Faithful Adoption Consultants),

What an exciting journey we are on in preparation for our little boy to be born. We know that this situation was predetermined by God, but took instruments in his service for this adoption miracle to come together as it has. Courtney, you are a gift from God and an important tool that God is using to allow his perfect will to be manifested. God has led you to provide this service for his work, led Tamara to your facebook page after other situations fell apart, allowed doors to open which led to a match within a couple weeks, and we are now certain that we are on path led by God that will be placing a little bundle of boy-joy in our arms that will be God’s “right” baby for us.

You have been so consistent in this process and a true pillar of strength and commitment for us without losing sight of the emotional struggles that adoption can present. We are thrilled that we got to meet you and spend time with you in person the same day we met the birthmother. God says that the Greatest Gift is “Love”, and without hesitation we know that you truly love what you do and the people you serve, as it shows every day in your actions. What a testimony to those you work with!

We are preparing for this miracle baby, which is due within 6 weeks and will continue to keep in touch with all the details of how God is working in our lives and this precious birthmother’s life. Thank you again for every phone call and update that you gave consistently, as it turns a potential stressful journey into a work of God. You truly have been a gift from God to us and have made this a wonderful experience. We will always value you and your friendship.

We Love You,
Steve and Tamara

Steve, Tamara and their birth mom!!! They are so blessed to have gotten to meet her, and be able to thank her in person for the gift that she is giving them!! I am not sure you can put a "thank you" into words, but I know they are never going to stop trying to!!!

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