Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots of Prayers and new babies....

Prayer requests galore today:

1. Please pray for the "S" family as they are traveling right now to meet their precious new daughter. Their BM is in labor, and will have this precious baby anytime. PLease pray for safe travels for this sweet family, pray for a safe and healthy delivery for this BM, and pray for this precious baby girl to be healthy! Please pray that the BM would remain steadfast in her adoption plan, and that God would allow our sweet clients to minister to her in this difficult time. Our hope is that our adoptive families would bring the gospel to each BM and agency that they work with, and that these BM's might know the hope found only in Jesus Christ!!! Updates and pictures to come very, very soon!!

2. Please pray for the Doss family. Emily and Daniel are sweet friends and past clients. Many of you may even read their family blog which I have linked to this blog. They adopted Manny back in March of this year. Daniel's mom passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Please pray for this precious family. This is such a difficult time. Praise the Lord that his mom was a wonderful Christian woman, and she is sitting at the feet of Jesus as I type this, CANCER-FREE!!! Pray for the loved ones she left behind.

3. Another precious family that was set to being working with us in January, emailed today with incredible news!! Please pray for the "C" family as they welcome a sibling group of 3 this weekend. It is set to be a private adoption, and they have a lot to do to get ready for this new arrival. They are going from a family of 4 to a family of 7. Pray for their adjustment, pray for these children, pray for the "C" family's current 2 children. Pray for the extended family, we know from experience what a shock it is for our families when you make the choice to accept more than 1, and older children at that!! I love this story, and believe this is exactly what the body of Christ is called to do! GOD IS GOOD!! He is faithful!!! I will keep you updated on this family as I receive updates!

Thank you for your prayers!! So thankful for the body of Christ, and those willing to intercede on behalf of others!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A precious friend of mine is 20 weeks pregnant, and her water broke last week. The entire amniotic sac is empty. Please pray for this precious family. The Dr.'s gave her 2 choices...she can be induced and deliver the baby, but it is not possible for the baby to survive, or they can hospitalize her, and pray that the baby can hold on for 4 weeks in the womb, and then deliver her when she would be able to survive outside of the womb. This 2nd option also poses great risk for my friend. The amniotic sac is what protects the uterus from infection. My friend has chosen option 2. Please pray that the Lord would put a hedge of protection around her, around this baby, around their other children and of course, her husband. Pray that this baby would make it to the 24 week mark, and then continue to thrive afterward as well! Pray that the Lord would be glorified through every decision made, pray that HE would show HIMSELF mightily not only to my friend and her family, but to the doctors and nurses as well!! Please keep this precious family in your prayers. I will keep you updated!

Praying for K and J today....

I am writing this post as I anxiously wait on news that another sweet client is holding their new baby! Our sweet clients K and J are waiting on an update right this minute on the progress of their baby's delivery. Their BM was induced this morning at 8:30 EST, and was at 4cm dilated before they started the induction. Praying for a safe, quick delivery.

Lord, please be with this precious BM as she gives birth to this sweet baby girl. Lord, my prayer is that you would reveal yourself to this BM through this adoption experience. That you might use K and J as a vessel for YOU, GOD. Lord, I pray for this precious baby girl. I pray that she will be healthy, Lord. Be with K and J today as they wait, and over the next 24 hours as they wait for this BM to sign the most important documents she will ever sign. Lord, be with them all. Give everyone involved a peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you, Lord for adoption, thank you for a BM that chose life. Choosing life probably isn't the easiest path to take for the majority of these BM's Lord. How thankful we are that she did!!

Please continue to pray for each of the BM's and agencies that our families work with. Our hope is that each client would be able to share the gospel with their birth moms, and share the joy of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the prayers, and I will keep you updated on K and J and their baby girl!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sweet Nella....

I love visiting my clients blogs and keeping up with them after their adoptions. It brings such joy to see them enjoying life together as a family. I love reading their stories, seeing their pictures, etc. I promise I am not a stalker, I just get so much joy from watching GOD build families through adoption. Seeing my clients match is only one step, I love that I have a relationship, a friendship with each of my clients, and they allow me to watch their family grow!! Thank you to all my new friends through FAC, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family, and to watch you as you grow as a family!!!

I just visited one of our sweet client's blogs, and this is what I found:

This is our Nella as a butterfly. Her Aunt Leslie had that idea for her for a costume and I am so glad we went with it...she was the most beautiful butterfly I had ever seen!!!!!!! Butterfly means new life and hope...and when I think about it that is what she is in our lives. Nella was what we hoped and prayed for for so long and she is a new little life. But also, we have a new life with Nella. One filled with happiness, love, and laughter, not that Matt and I didn't have that before, but we did have a part that was missing in our lives and we knew it was a baby....and Nella is our little hope that came true! She completed our family and we have never ever been so happy!!!!!!!

Oh the joy I get from reading this post.

Thank you , Lord for Nella. Thank you for M and J. Thank you Lord for Nella's BM who chose life for this precious baby girl. Thank you that she loved Nella so much that she gave her the greatest gift of all, LIFE. She gave her a family that is so in love with her it isn't funny. Thank you, Lord for creating adoption, thank you for the first picture of adoption when you adopted us into your family. GOD, thank you! THANK YOU! Thank you for these precious Christian families that are willing to step up and adopt the orphans. Thank you for the challenge in James 1:27, Lord. I pray that more families will step-up Lord and take care of the orphans!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Congratulations "P" Family!

Congrats Jimmy and Amy! We are so thrilled to announce that sweet Hattie was born on October 31st. She weighed 5 lbs and 12 oz. The "P" family is doing wonderful, and will hopefully be headed home sometime early this week! Please keep them in your prayers as they await their ICPC approval! Jimmy and Amy were matched with us in only 2 short months. Their home study was approved August 3oth, and their precious baby girl was born Oct. 31! GOD IS GOOD! Here are a couple of pictures of their precious new addition!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pictures of Sweet Joy!!

I am so sorry this is so delayed! We have had a very busy month here at FAC!! Here are the pictures of Miss Joy that I promised! She is beautiful!!