Friday, September 11, 2009

God is in the details...

I will share all the details of this amazing story later, but I just wanted to give God the praise for an amazing situation! We have a client that will be speaking with a potential birth mom within the next 24 hours. The details of this situation are incrdible. God has totally aligned the wishes of this birth mom and this adoptive couple, and they have never met or spoken. It is amazing to watch God in action, and see how perfectly He works things out. He has a perfect plan, and is so exciting for me as I sit on the sidelines and watch this unfold. I will give you all the details whenever there is a final answer! PLease pray for this couple D & E, and for their potential birthmom. Pray for their conversations with the birth mom as well as the social worker. Pray that God is glorified through every step of this adoption situation!! Thank you for your prayers! YOu have no idea how hard it is for me to keep this blog so vague. God is at work, that is for sure!!

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