Sunday, September 6, 2009


We have a new client. They are the sweetest couple, and they truly desire to honor God with every decision that they make. They have decided to adopt after having 2 biological children. Their 1st two pregnancies were great, but have had a lot of trouble getting pregnant with a 3rd child. They have experienced both miscarriages, and now an ectopic pregnancy. They believe that God brought them through all of that, as a way of preparing them for adoption. They are a caucasian couple, and have no preferences on race/gender. That makes for a very easy client. In fact, I was blown away when I read the last email they sent me. She wrote: "Again race is not an issue in fact you don’t even need to mention it in your descriptions of different placement scenarios. My husband said he’d rather not know until we have a baby in our arms." I was taken aback. That is a couple that is leaving it all up to God. They are truly going to allow God to decide what child comes into their family. I am so excited for them, and can't wait for the day I call them and tell them that they are matched!!

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  1. That's WONDERFUL!!! I am praying for the families you are guiding!