Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Praying for K and J today....

I am writing this post as I anxiously wait on news that another sweet client is holding their new baby! Our sweet clients K and J are waiting on an update right this minute on the progress of their baby's delivery. Their BM was induced this morning at 8:30 EST, and was at 4cm dilated before they started the induction. Praying for a safe, quick delivery.

Lord, please be with this precious BM as she gives birth to this sweet baby girl. Lord, my prayer is that you would reveal yourself to this BM through this adoption experience. That you might use K and J as a vessel for YOU, GOD. Lord, I pray for this precious baby girl. I pray that she will be healthy, Lord. Be with K and J today as they wait, and over the next 24 hours as they wait for this BM to sign the most important documents she will ever sign. Lord, be with them all. Give everyone involved a peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you, Lord for adoption, thank you for a BM that chose life. Choosing life probably isn't the easiest path to take for the majority of these BM's Lord. How thankful we are that she did!!

Please continue to pray for each of the BM's and agencies that our families work with. Our hope is that each client would be able to share the gospel with their birth moms, and share the joy of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the prayers, and I will keep you updated on K and J and their baby girl!!

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