Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lots of Prayers and new babies....

Prayer requests galore today:

1. Please pray for the "S" family as they are traveling right now to meet their precious new daughter. Their BM is in labor, and will have this precious baby anytime. PLease pray for safe travels for this sweet family, pray for a safe and healthy delivery for this BM, and pray for this precious baby girl to be healthy! Please pray that the BM would remain steadfast in her adoption plan, and that God would allow our sweet clients to minister to her in this difficult time. Our hope is that our adoptive families would bring the gospel to each BM and agency that they work with, and that these BM's might know the hope found only in Jesus Christ!!! Updates and pictures to come very, very soon!!

2. Please pray for the Doss family. Emily and Daniel are sweet friends and past clients. Many of you may even read their family blog which I have linked to this blog. They adopted Manny back in March of this year. Daniel's mom passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Please pray for this precious family. This is such a difficult time. Praise the Lord that his mom was a wonderful Christian woman, and she is sitting at the feet of Jesus as I type this, CANCER-FREE!!! Pray for the loved ones she left behind.

3. Another precious family that was set to being working with us in January, emailed today with incredible news!! Please pray for the "C" family as they welcome a sibling group of 3 this weekend. It is set to be a private adoption, and they have a lot to do to get ready for this new arrival. They are going from a family of 4 to a family of 7. Pray for their adjustment, pray for these children, pray for the "C" family's current 2 children. Pray for the extended family, we know from experience what a shock it is for our families when you make the choice to accept more than 1, and older children at that!! I love this story, and believe this is exactly what the body of Christ is called to do! GOD IS GOOD!! He is faithful!!! I will keep you updated on this family as I receive updates!

Thank you for your prayers!! So thankful for the body of Christ, and those willing to intercede on behalf of others!!!

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