Friday, August 20, 2010

What to pack when you pick up your bundle of joy...

I will have several posts on this one first post is from a previous client...Emily Doss. She graciously volunteered to write our first post on this subject!! Thank you, Emily!

The Adoption Packing List I Wish I Had

I am a planner. But sometimes in the adoption world we get a phone call that changes our lives and either there is no time to plan or the plans quickly fly out the window. Luckily I married an amazing man who is pretty laid back and after 10 years of marriage it is finally rubbing off on me.

So although I wish I had been able to plan, we got THE PHONE CALL while visiting family out of state and headed straight to the hospital to meet our son....with nothing but a car seat!

If there had been time to plan here's what would have been nice to other words here's what we picked up at the store as we expanded our family in the lovely hotel room nearly 800 miles from home.

For the parents:
Comfy clothes
Cute clothes (for all the photo opts)
Snacks, Drinks and Microwave Dinners
Plastic cutlery (nothing like getting carryout back to the room with nothing to eat it with.)
Quarters and Laundry Supplies
Video Camera
POWER CORDS (there will be tons of people to call and pictures to take! Don’t forget your power cords to your cell, camera, and all other electronic devices.)

For the baby:
Car seat
Diaper Bag- We found that a backpack worked well for us.
Formula- The hospital usually sends you "home" with some samples to get you started...we found the liquid pre-mixed kind was most convenient for this clueless first time mom, looking back I would probably get some bottled water and powder formula.
Bottle brush and dish washing soap
Munchkin makes some really great to have reusable microwave sterilizer bags.
Alcohol wipes (or whatever you choose to use for umbilical cord care.)
Sponge bath supplies
*For boys only- supplies to care for circumcision- (our doctor recommended Vaseline and gauze pads...they gave us some samples at the hospital then we knew exactly what to pick up from the store.)
Blankets and or swaddlers
Clothes (Can I get an a-men...finally all these cute clothes we've been staring at can go to good use!)
Pack and Play- ours was fabulous because it had a bassinet as well as a changing table. It was everything we needed in our lovely hotel room.
Stroller- For when you are sick of the hotel room and in dire need of an outing.
Canvas Crates/Baskets- definitely an extra and not really needed, but it helped me stay organized in our small space.

Note on hotels- It made things much easier for us that our hotel had on site laundry capabilities and had a fridge and microwave in the room.

Staying in a hotel room with your sweet new child is such an amazing time. You get to celebrate the end of an adoption journey and the beginning of a miracle of a new life. I hope you are able to enjoy your time and be a little more prepared than I was. And don't stress, there is probably a store right around the corner for all those things you forgot you needed. :)

by: Emily Doss

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