Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I just wanted to post a few prayer requests:

1. Please pray one of our clients, M and D...they have a potential match with a baby that was born 8 weeks early. Please pray for the health of this baby, for each doctor and nurse that will be caring for this baby and also for M and D as they continue to make decisions about moving forward with this potential match!!

2. Please pray for C and B as they prepare for their baby boy, pray for their BM as she continues to carry this baby! Pray that the BM is steadfast in her adoption plan.

3. Pray for a sibling group of six that has been placed in foster care in another state, their parents passed away over the weekend, and they are now being placed with different family members. Please pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to each of these children, pray for the families that are taking these children on, pray for healing for each party involved in this tragedy!

Thank you for your prayers! I appreciate them so much, and constantly get emails from clients, prospective client and just blog readers reminding me they are praying for our adoptive families, their BM' s, etc. Thank you!!

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