Friday, August 6, 2010


Thank you all so much for the prayer requests!! M and D's prayers have been answered, everything is working out beautifully with their potential match. The match still has not been officially accepted, as they are waiting on a few more tests to be run! Please continue to pray for the health of this baby girl and for M and D as they continue to move forward very excitedly. They have waited for a baby for many years, so they are thrilled to finally be able to hold their baby girl!! As soon as she gets stronger and they get some tube free pics, I will make sure to post them for you! In the meantime, please continue to pray for this sweet baby, baby J!! Thank you so much!!

Also, please continue to pray for the 6 siblings that were placed in foster care earlier in the week, the details of this situation are very heart-breaking, and these children need our prayers. I do not want to post specifics as it is a very sad situation, but know that God is already working mightily, they are in the same foster home for now, and will be moving to a near-by state where they will be split between 2 relatives that live very close to one another. Pray for healing for each one of these children!!!

Also, please continue to pray for each of our clients that is presenting currently!

Also, pray for B and C. Their BM is due Aug. 27th, but is having contractions and is already dilating. Pray for a safe delivery for the BM and healthy baby boy!!! More updates to come as soon as I have them!!!

Thanks for all the prayers!! God is so good!!

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