Thursday, August 27, 2009

Want to adopt, but have no idea where to start...

You and thousands of other people are all in the same boat. Adoption can be so daunting. It is so overwhelming, but will be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life. Many people believe that it is virtually impossible to adopt within the United States in a reasonable amount of time. That is not the case. You can adopt within 6-12 months with the right people on your team. A lot of your adoption experience depends on you. It will be what you make it. If you have a very specific image in your head about your future child, chances are you will wait longer than the next person. The more specific you get, the longer it will take. Being picky isn't bad, but the reality is, YOU WILL WAIT LONGER.

Faithful Adoption Consultants offers many, many services. WE would love to help you grow your family through adoption. We will help you with the 1st steps of finding a reputable home study agency, determining your budget, helping you with financial information (grants,loans and fundraising), support, education, constant prayer for you, your family and your future birth mom and child! This is such a passion for us, and we want God to be glorified through each step of every adoption.

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to email or call. All of our info is listed to the right of this post! Thanks for visiting!!!

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