Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The myths of Domestic Adoption

It takes years to adopt a child within the U.S. Families can wait up to 5 years.

False. Most domestic adoptions happen within 3-18 months. The amount of time you wait solely depends on the ethnicity you choose, budget and how specific you are. Many families are lead to believe that they will have a shorter wait if they choose international adoption. In reality, international adoptions are often plagued by unreliable and inconsistent adoption processes. There are also very long waiting lists for international adoption programs.

Domestic Adoption is MUCH more expensive than international adoption.

Again, it depends on the situation. Unlike foreign adoptions, you do not have to travel overseas to pick up your child, and the travel time is days not weeks or months. Occasionally in International adoption, you may have to stay for over 1 month in the country from which you are adopting. Many factors determine the cost of domestic adoption, but usually they range from $10k-$35K. International adoption can cost upwards of $30k before travel expenses.

Birth parents never fully lose their rights to the child, and come back at anytime to reclaim them.

Absolutely False. Each state has different laws regarding adoption. Some states adoptions laws state that they are revocable until the 91st day, others within 24 hours. Once the time limit has passed for that state, the birth parents rights are terminated. They cannot come back and claim this child for any reason.

Faithful Adoption Consultants only works in states that we consider "safe states" where the laws benefit the adopting families, with time limits of 24 hours-10 days. We try to work only with states with a revocation period less than 72 hours. However, occasionally we will work with a state that has a longer revocation period if our clients are okay with that timeline.

All children and babies that are available for domestic adoption are special needs.

False. Birth mothers may choose an adoption plan due to a number of reasons. They may be married, or single, have other children or not. They may have limited income and the timing wasn't right, etc. There are a number of factors that play into the selfless decision that is adoption. Not all of these children are a product of drug addictions, alcohol, etc.

Unlike with International adoption, you will be given the social and medical history, so that you can make the best decision for your family. You will not be presented to a birth-mother that has a social or medical history that you are not comfortable with. In international adoption, you typically will not have any social or medical background on the child you are about to adopt. Drug and Alcohol addictions are not only prevalent in the U.S. but all over the world, you may be faced with these same issues in international adoption, but not made aware of it until the child returns home with you.

I hope this helps clarify some the questions that you might have about domestic adoption vs. international adoption. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions or would like more information about our services.

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