Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Happy Beginning...

My husband and I had just begun to consider adoption when we met with Courtney and Emory at their home in May of 2009. We had all kinds of questions about the adoption process that at the time seemed a daunting one. Daniel and I had known Emory and his family for years, but it was my first time meeting Courtney. I instantly felt comfortable with her and could tell right away that we would feel completely at ease having them work on our behalf. We left that evening inspired. Because we were in the midst of moving to a different state, we knew it would be a couple of months before we were settled enough to start the process. I contacted Courtney the last week of August and told her we were ready to begin. At the same time we started our home study process. Within a week Courtney began contacting me possibilities for different situations. She made the whole process seem very natural and provided tons of support and helpful advice through our many phone conversations and emails even taking time to call me via phone and skype while she was on an overseas mission trip. I always knew that if I called her she would be there or call me back quickly. A short 6 and a half weeks after beginning the adoption process we were holding our son John Mark, whom we’d only found out about 48 hours prior to. Every adoption has a unique story of how circumstances seemingly fall into place, God’s plan unfolds and a new family is formed. We are so thankful that Faithful Adoption Consultants were a part of his plan for our son’s adoption.


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