Saturday, January 9, 2010

God's Wonderful Provision...

I just had to share this story with our clients, but also for others who are contemplating adoption, but thinking that you cannot afford it.

We had a wonderful Christian couple sign with us in November, they are such a precious couple, and I have loved every second that we have had to get to know each other. They, just like every other client that we have, do not have a trust fund with the $30k sitting in it to fund their adoption. They, just like every other client, have wondered where in the world this money was going to come from...but they also knew that the Lord had called them to adoption, and that HE would provide a way!

Well, we are getting very close to the time when their baby is going to be born, and as of yesterday morning, this couple was still lacking money, money that would have to be paid this week, because this is when their baby is due.

Well, this client called me this morning to share with me how AWESOME GOD is, and he is AWESOME. Someone anonymously donated to a matching grant fund they are working with, it was 2 very large amounts, 2 very large amounts that will be matched dollar for dollar!! Can you believe that? God is so good!!!

For those of you who I am already working with, that are still wondering where in the heck the money is going to come from, trust that the Lord will provide it!! If HE has called you to adoption, and HE has, we are all called, the Bible calls us to adoption, then HE will provide a way!! And if you are considering adoption, and are ocncerned about the money, HE can provide for us as well. We have many different programs that we can give you information on, that will provide money, interest free loans, grants, fundraisers or matching grants. Please feel free to email me at: if you would like more info!!

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