Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another couple has their sweet baby...

Another precious couple has their baby girl!! We have been blessed with the BEST clients, we really have. It's funny how close you can become to someone that was a perfect stranger only a month or two ago. Elizabeth was one of those clients, she and I hit if off!! They had been with an agency here in Georgia for almost a year, when she came to FAC. Her sweet family had been through 2 failed matches, and they were eager to meet the new baby God had for them!!

We got started together pretty fast, we worked on a profile, put one together very quickly, and then we waited for the situations that met their criteria. They only worked with me for a month, we she called to tell me that the original agency had matched them. YES, the original Georgia agency had matched them, and their baby was due in a week. A WEEK!!! WOW!!! They were thrilled.

I was a little disappointed, I love being able to play a small role in these adoptions, especially in the case of someone I have become so close too!!! But, God knew where their precious baby was, and it wasn't with one of our agencies. We are so excited for them, and we are hopefully going to meet them while they are here in Georgia!! I am so excited!!!

Their sweet baby girl was born last Friday...

Marguerite Jane

Weight: 7 lb, 0 oz
Date & Time of Birth: 5:54 pm, December 11th
Black, curly hair, dark, deep-set eyes.

Hopefully, this sweet family will let me post some of their pictures, I will post them as soon as I have permission!!! :)

Please continue to pray for them, pray for their BM and continues traveling mercies. They have to stay here in Georgia for another 10 days or so, and then they can head back home!! Thanks for all your prayers!!

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