Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Financial Provision for one of our clients...

WOW!!! Our God is so good. He is so faithful!! The Harmans just called to share with us a great story, a story of how the Lord financially provided for their adoption. So I am going to share their sweet story!!

Three weeks before their adoption, before they even knew about their precious baby boy, Danielle was in a car accident. It was a pretty bad car accident, one that caused pretty severe burns to her hands and arms. So, after she was taken to the hospital and all bandaged up, she thought that was the end of that. Her van was repaired, and all was taken care of by the other drivers insurance. Well, the story isn't over. As her hands were burning, she cried out to GOd, "Why, Why now, we are in the middle of an adoption, WHY NOW?" Well several weeks later, God provided the answer!! She was called by one of the insurance workers, they were closing out her case, and wanted to make sure her van was all fixed, and to check on her burns. She asked if she had any pain. Danielle responded "No, Praise the Lord, I have no pain, scarring, but no pain!!" Well, scarring was the magic word. The insurance worker said, "Scarring, is it bad?" Danielle said "Pretty bad, 50/50 chance it will never go away!" The insurance worker told her to send pictures. So, she did!!

Yesterday, Danielle called to tell me the insurance company offered her a settlement of $15k. Yes, $15k. The Lord provided the rest of the money needed for their adoption!!! That covers the adoption expenses that were not already covered by grants and such!! BOy, is GOd good!! She said she is wearing her scars as a badge of honor!!! I love it!!! God provides in the most unique ways!!! Don;t be surprised when he provides your financial needs for your adoption in the most UNIQUE way!!!

I just had to share that, she had no idea when she asked God during that car accident, "WHY" that it was going to help financially provide for their beautiful baby boy!!!

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  1. Amazing story!!!!!! Not quite on the same scale as that but when we were raising money to move to SC to start Wellspring we were short. I got rear-ended... you could not even tell on my TALL Expedition but under was a small tear in the bumper so to fix it the bumper would completely have to be replaced. The insurance company just gave me the $1050 and we were SO excited!!!! It was wonderful.

    That is awesome!!! What an awesome story to tell!